Piercing Certification FAQ

What is the purpose of the International Board of Medicine and Surgery?

IBMSexists to assist patients and their travel associates in making informed choices for their international health care needs.  IBMS certified members are physicians, surgeons, dentists, other healthcare/medical professionals, and Centers of Healthcare Excellence with established and long-term professional standards of patient care.

What are the benefits of IBMS certification?

  • IBMS certified membership benefits include:
  • Official certificate of IBMS membership
  • Certified member listing on IBMS website with link to an existing professional website or page
  • Coordination of pre and post medical evaluation and/or treatment
  • IBMS Affiliated Healthcare Travel Associates to coordinate patient arrangements
  • Relationship with a U.S. multi-specialty physician organization facilitating U.S. board certificationA professional courtesy listing for non-members on this site includes NAME, COUNTRY, SPECIALTY, and EMAIL ADDRESS
  • What is reviewed for IBMS certification?
  • National licensure, specialty certification and hospital affiliation (if applicable).

Mission Statement

The International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS) certifies physicians, surgeons, dentists, other medical professionals, and centers of healthcare excellence (hospitals/clinics/specialty centers) in the global healthcare community with documentation of national licensure and specialty certification, compliance with standards of international medical evaluation/treatment, and pledge to abide by a Code of Professional Medical Ethics, and maintains the IBMS professional online web registry.

Who is David P. Kalin?

David P. Kalin, M.D., M.P.H., Chairman of IBMS has a Masters of Science in Public Health, background in Emergency Medicine, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and is also board-certified in Family Practice and as an Independent Medical Examiner.

Since establishing IBMS, Dr. Kalin and the IBMS Global Medical Advisory Board have reviewed the qualifications of physicians and facilities in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Colombia, South Africa, Ukraine, Malaysia and the U.S.A. Through extensive interviews he and his colleagues have investigated medical and health-related opportunities and forged international relationships.

What Inspired Dr. Kalin to organize IBMS?

After personal frustrations with the cost and approach to healthcare in the United States, Dr. Kalin and his wife sought other options. They traveled to South Korea where their 8th child was successfully fertilized in vitro during 2002.

This experience inspired Dr. Kalin to organize IBMS as a professional registry of certified physicians, surgeons, dentists and Healthcare Centers of Excellence whose qualifications have been reviewed.

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